As we go along we often stumble upon some cool software and resources. Our little blog is a place where we like to share those with you. Occasionally we may brag a little bit about the nifty completed projects or web applications we've developed. Hope you'll enjoy the read!

Nice course on Flipped Learning

This looks like a pretty good overview of Flipped Learning. From the course: "participants will learn about the educational research behind flipped learning. We will share best practices and practical examples. We will also share how-tos such as how to effectively use your interactive whiteboard to create content and other technology tools such as Moodle, Screenr, Screen-o-matic, Snag-it, and Camtasia"

Here's the link:


Getting Ready for Audio for Video recordings or Screencasts

There's nothing worse that spending time and money buying and setting up equipment - doing some recording - and at the end of the session discovering that the audio is not great, is too low, or that fan in the background was waaay louder than you thought! Here's an overview of my preparation 


Microsoft Conference - congratulations to Verve Event Management


Digilogue to provide Webcast training

Digilogue is now offering a comprehensive range of webcast training. From single-camera presentations and events to complex multi-camera scenarios - we have the insight and experience to help you to the next level. 


HD Video now standard

Digilogue has recently implemented HD video quality as standard for it's archive of video clips for clients.Typically, these clips are created as eLearning presentations, webinar presentations, archive from live webcasts, etc.