As we go along we often stumble upon some cool software and resources. Our little blog is a place where we like to share those with you. Occasionally we may brag a little bit about the nifty completed projects or web applications we've developed. Hope you'll enjoy the read!

Big Benefits from Moodle 2.5 with 'Essential' theme

The recently released Moodle 2.5 coupled with a new 'theme' called Essential provide a fantastic platform for School VLEs and are a quantum leap from the old Moodle which many saw as being old-fashioned, clunky, horrible to look at and awkward to use. So, for those procrastinators like myself, this might turn out to justify your lack of decision about a VLE for your school or organisation! 


Tools for eLearning to use in VLEs like Moodle for schools

Below is a quick list of tools which can be used for eLearning. For example they could help you the teacher, as well as the student (think flipped classroom) to create content for:


Thoughts on delivering VLE / Moodle Training / Orientation Training for schools

Many schools are thinking of setting up, or re-booting their VLE at the start of the school year. Digilogue web development do this sort of work with schools all the time. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with one such school - below are some thoughts on the process of delivering orientation / training for their VLE which is Moodle, planning development of their VLE and ensuring that implementation will be a success. 


HTML5 Audio Player and Digitising Audio Tapes

One of Digilogue's clients recently wanted to make use of audio tapes from a Leaving Certificate Spanish course from a few years ago. In order to make the tapes more accessible, it was necessary to digitise them so that they could be played on the web or downloaded for use on an mp3 player. 


Instructional Design for eLearning Course

One of the most useful tools when working initially with clients and subject matter experts is the mind-mapping program Mindmeister. ** please note for confidentiality reasons, the image to the right is not readable; it is there to give you an idea of the structure and process of developing that structure using mind mapping **