Creating beautiful content for non-designers vol.2

In this one, I just wanted to give you another example of how you can use magazines and adverts to make your content nicer by borrowing (ok, copying) layouts. This is a part two. Check out the previous article. Lets look at another one: 

A summer destinations article and it's content breakdown:

What you need to do is understand the content. The top photo is just a banner.

Then below are 4 columns of content. The photo and it's description are interchangeable. Sometimes the photo is above and sometimes below it's description. This breaks the boredom of "photo+text" nicely. 

The black squares are really just headers and that's how we need to treat them. Header 1 and Header 2 underneath. 

There's also some space for a bullet list of some sort under the black box.

So now that we have identified what's what, let's look at the end product. A classic cars listing done up in 10 minutes.


And there it is. Not too shabby looking. Oh, and I do realize the car names are all wrong. I know nothing about cars. You know.... been busy with the whole web design thing in my younger years ;) 

Hope this illustrates a little bit how you might achieve some nice looking content on your website with this little design hack.

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