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Online Registration & Payments made simple.


Registration Workflows Simplified!

Digilogue have just release V2 of its new and exciting Acteo platform. Enable registration and payments for many use-cases with total control!

Managing applications and co-ordinating payments will reduce your work, increase your control and delight your clients!

Form Builder

Embed on your own site

Manage submissions

Design simple or complex workflows


Automated Workflows

By building automated workflows, Acteo reduces your administration.

You need a “simple” registration system, but there are always buts!! You may need:

  • Single payment, multi or deposit
  • A colleague to approve the initial application before progressing to payment
  • To download your data periodically
  • To contact all / some of your registrants
  • To enable registrants to login next year, or next term or for another product/service
  • To enable registrants to upload  documentation with their form
  • To process payments off-site because of PSD2 and SCA


Acteo loves buts!!
because we’ve got your “buts” covered


 A Complete Ecosystem



Design your process.
Decide what form(s), approvals, notifications you need



Embed Acteo on your website – Acteo will display not only the form(s) but all interactions



Monitor submissions, payments, notifications, registrants, communication etc.

Use Acteo for


Course registration, payment, approval integration, number-capping, auto-emails, CSV downloads etc.


If féidir Gaeilge a úsáid tríd an choras gan stró.

Realex / Global Payments

Realex HPP suits most organisations – as the payment takes place off-site. This bring with it many benefits including lower bureacracy and responsibilities.

Rinse & Repeat

Many of our clients love that you can re-use forms and processes for both multiple workflows as well as multiple (ie re-usable termly/annually) times.

Deploy, Test and Relax

We will help you design your workflow/forms/actions – and once deployed, you can sit back and watch the automation do it’s work …

From workshops to conferences

Use Acteo for events small and large, processes simple to complex.

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