As we go along we often stumble upon some cool software and resources. Our little blog is a place where we like to share those with you. Occasionally we may brag a little bit about the nifty completed projects or web applications we've developed. Hope you'll enjoy the read!

Create forms and surveys with easy drag and drop. Media rich and engaging.

Create forms and surveys with easy drag and drop. Media rich and engaging.

Forms. Fun, ey?  No, actually they're not. Usually boring and mundane. A pain to fill in, especially when they ask you loads of useless stuff they don't even need! Just try to get anyone to fill one out, if they don't need to. Let's face it, usually any forms, surveys and questionnaires are boring and a drag.

But, they don't need to be! Seriously! It's all about making them pretty, illustrative and diverse. And the guys at Typeform have created a drag and drop builder to do just that - the easy way. Their forms are actually fun to use!

So if you need to do a post-event survey, order form, application or a poll. Or anything that needs a form for that matter - this is a cool way to do it nice and fast. You can also iframe/embed the form into your regular website, so it will look great!


How to compose beautifully designed emails in minutes

How to compose beautifully designed emails in minutes

Hi. You know how sending group emails is like singing? No? Let me tell you:

You kind of do it all the time, but in a very intimate setting. But you're petrified to do it on large scale because of the big audience. Mostly because you're not sure if it's any good.  

As usual, we got a nice recommendation for you. BEE free. They will give you a couple of starting points for your email, and after that it's easy, drag and drop, fun email composing. Press save and it downloads a html file with code you can use in your Mailchimp or other service of the sort.

If you know how to paste in html into your standard email software, you can do that too! Just remember to use Bcc when sending those group emails ;) 


Handy online converter for audio, video, images and more

Handy online converter for audio, video, images and more

Hi. Me again. Bringing you more cool and handy goodness.

Check this: ever needed to convert a file from wav to mp3? Or avi into mp4? Sure you did. And ain't finding a some converter software a pain? Of course it is. Especially if you just need it once off.

Keep this link handy (we also like and you'll find a use for it for sure. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I needed to get audio from a video file, so converted .mp4 into .mp3 :)

Ps. Currently, (Aug 2015) some of our homepage banners use nice videos that were converted into the required formats using this tool. Real handy this one :)


Creating beautiful content for non-designers vol.2

In this one, I just wanted to give you another example of how you can use magazines and adverts to make your content nicer by borrowing (ok, copying) layouts. This is a part two. Check out the previous article. Lets look at another one: 


Creating beautiful content for non-designers vol.1

If you are in charge of content on a website - then this article is for you!

Let's be honest, not many can afford to have their website curated by a designer page by page. And not everyone is a designer. But you probably still want your website to continue to look great as you update it. Here's my tip on how you can step up your website content design game.