As we go along we often stumble upon some cool software and resources. Our little blog is a place where we like to share those with you. Occasionally we may brag a little bit about the nifty completed projects or web applications we've developed. Hope you'll enjoy the read!

Integrating Twitter for live conference webcasts

Digilogue have been webcasting since 1999. No, that's not a mis-print! INTO webcast their Annual Congress in 1999 and if memory serves, we had to ensure the hotel had ISDN and tried to match our bitrates and resolution to the widely used 56k modems and tiny-windowed 160pixels wide players. Webcasting was done then via 'Real Producer' and many aspects were pretty challenging!


Designing Reports in a Web App

Digilogue web design Galway have been working with INTO to develop a more robust and responsive version of their online app - SubSearch. SubSearch enables school principals to easily find substitute teachers in their area available for work on specific days. On the flip side, the app allows teachers to register their availability for substitute work on specific days. In summary, the web application matches substitute teachers with schools seeking subs. 


PDST Anti-bullying Campaign

Recently Digilogue web development had the opportunity to work with PDST on their anti-bullying for irish Primary and Post-Primary schools. We were presented with a task of creating an online course / presentation on the topic which would complement the face-to-face presentations happening nationwide in various education centres. The 4 presentations were variations on the same theme - one Primary, one Post-Primary and two translations as Gaeilge for each.

2015-07-12 - A Win-Win for organisations & charity - A Win-Win for organisations & charity

 Digilogue web design Galway have worked with Croí to produce an online Charity eCard web application. Using the application, a company can send cards (eg Christmas cards) to its clients and/or employees. Alternatively, personal users can send cards to groups of their friends.


Big Benefits from Moodle 2.5 with 'Essential' theme

The recently released Moodle 2.5 coupled with a new 'theme' called Essential provide a fantastic platform for School VLEs and are a quantum leap from the old Moodle which many saw as being old-fashioned, clunky, horrible to look at and awkward to use. So, for those procrastinators like myself, this might turn out to justify your lack of decision about a VLE for your school or organisation!