F.A.Q. / Ceisteanna Coitianta

Common questions about DigiLearn

Why Another Platform?

I already have too many! Why another platform?

Apart from the great features – DigiLearn as a system will enable you to:

  • Reduce use of specialist / expensive tools such as Storyline, articulate, other authoring tools
  • Democratise development of your courses (no more expert bottleneck)
  • Reduces risk management – content is in a standards-based ‘open’ system. Move VLE/LMS and DigiLearn will still work with your new system
How Will DigiLearn Reduce our Costs?

Review your past costs. Much is probably for course and presentation development. With DigiLearn, you can still present ANY content (including your former Storylines / Articulates etc.) but easily improve impact and effectiveness.

Who on my team can use DigiLearn?

Everyone. No more bottlenecks waiting to upload content, develop third-party presentations etc. Now, your learning content can be developed by educators – not IT – this is crucial!

Can I still use interactive content?

Of course! A typical course on DigiLearn might be made up of:

  • 80% ordinary content
    Beautifully presented, widget-rich, mobile-native WordPress content
  • 5% embedded
    eg Youtube, Vimeo, Captivate, iSpring, Articulate etc.
  • 15% interactive, eg H5P
    Interactive activities created with H5P on your (Moodle) and sending back data/scores – these will appear in DigiLearn

Essentially, any content that can be published on the web – DigiLearn can handle

Does this impact Privacy / GDPR?

Not at all.

One of the brilliant things about DigiLearn is that it is 100% content, and has NO personal data. Any interaction (eg H5Ps passing scores back to Moodle) looks like it’s happening on DigiLearn – but is really happening on your Moodle and appears on DigiLearn (embedded).


How much time to create a page/course?

Compared with VLEs/LMSs – phenominally fast!

  • Seconds: you can create a new page in seconds (it can even have template layouts with sliders, galleries, tabs etc. and lorem ipsum for you to paste over your ‘real’ content)
  • Minutes: and you can create a new course in minutes. Drag and drop your pages into a hierarchy (eg. mother/child) and the menu is auto-generated
Can I create multiple courses on the one DigiLearn?


Create 100 courses on the same system. Pages just need to be saved into separate categories.

Why WordPress?

Using your VLE/LMS, you use a simple editor to create content. Yes you can add images and embed video but overall, the content presentation is quite primitive.

DigiLearn uses not only WordPress, but a page-building tool call Divi. This produces faster workflows and highly attractive content.


What Widgets come with DigiLearn?

Out of the box, with no customisation, DigiLearn uses all the Widgets from Divi – the WordPress page/layout builder.

Below is a sample menu, showing what Widgets you can drag/drop onto a page:

Can I customise widgets for branding?

Yes. If you would like to brand all/some of the widgets so they are pre-branded for your course designers – we can customise these for you (not only colours and layouts etc. but also sample content).

This customisation is an extra on the platform price.

Can DigiLearn customise layouts?


For example if your course designers need 4 core page layouts, with certain widgets in place – DigiLearn can customise these for you.

So during course design, designers simply insert a cert page template and the layout and widgets are already in place.

This customisation is an extra on the platform price.

Integration & Security

How will this work with Moodle?

You still use (Moodle) for your course enrolment, payment etc. you still use Moodle for your course structure, activities, H5P etc.

The crucial difference is that when a learner clicks on Module 2, it opens up your beautiful Module 2 content from DigiLearn.

Is the content restricted to Moodle users?


Your DigiLearn platform will be ‘paired’ with your (Moodle). Only logged-in learners will have access to DigiLearn.

How secure is DigiLearn

Very. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to build the components for DigiLearn. AWS uses a ‘security-first’ model, so is much easier for platforms to achieve great security.

In addition, DigiLearn has ‘snapshots’ implemented (so we can roll back easily) as well as various backup/restore features.

Still have questions? Please get in touch!

For any other questions, please contact us at: info@digilogue.net or call us on +353 91 727125 / +353 86 8566312

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