Use WordPress as your content authoring tool for your VLE/LMS.

Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas – all excellent VLEs – but horrible, clunky and dis-engaging content presentation.

With DigiLearn, you get the best of both worlds; your VLE/CMS for enrolment and user management; and a beautiful WordPress CMS to author your learning content.

DigiLearn Architecture

In summary – you use your VLE/LMS for VLE/LMS functions, but you outsource your course/content presentation/authoring to DigiLearn.

Beautiful course front and inner pages – WordPress standard
(because it IS WordPress)

Build in WordPress using drag and drop and our customised learning widgets. Building great content was never as easy!

Risk Management

With your content in an ‘open standards’ architecture – you can in future, swap to another VLE/LMS or integrate an LRS with ease. DigiLearn can work seamlessly with your next VLE/LMS.

Thus, you avoid the risk of having to rebuild all your courses if/when you move VLE/CMS.

Security, GDPR, Integration

Your DigiLearn content is only accessible via Moodle!

Your DigiLearn content contains no personal information.

All data recording (scores, activity, LRS, H5P data) are presented on DigiLearn – but in fact embedded from your VLE/LMS.

Content Design

If it’s not engaging – learners get bored.

And let’s face it – some of our content may not be the most engaging! However, with DigiLearn – you can easily enhance your content at a number of levels. See below for examples.

Low-Level Drag & Drop Widgets


Break up logical chunks or sequences


Highlight important concepts/paragraphs


Expand/Retract text blocks


Highlight important notices


Chunk your content


Enhanced Video Presentation


Challenge your learners to reflect


Enhance text with personal quotations

Non-technical, pre-designed drag and drop widgets to easily break up dense text and enhance presentation

High-Level Interactive Widgets

Interactive Video

Force video to stop, present quiz or interaction to reinforce learning, then continue


Chunk or sequence Content


Show layered sequences/progressions

Multi HotSpot

Visual learning & interaction


Gamify your content!

Image Sequencing

Drag & Drop steps/sequence in a process

Many of the examples show the excellent H5P widgets.
These, and other scored interactions/activities are embedded from your Moodle into your DigiLearn courses. Total integration!

Example H5P Interactive Video

Take an existing video, eg from Youtube, and add interactions/quizzes at various points to ensure engagement – super-cool!

How Can I start?

You already have:

  • VLE/LMS, eg Moodle
  • Team/person who can edit in Word / WordPress

DigiLearn can provide:

  • An enhanced WordPress CMS to create an UNLIMITED number of courses
  • Integrated DigiLearn widgets
  • Configuration to securely integrate your VLE/LMS with DigiLearn
  • Training, assistance, hosting as required, etc.

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