Cloud and Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting?

The process of outsourcing a company’s computing and storage needs to a service provider who provides such services under a utility model is known as cloud hosting.

The cloud provider manages the configuration, security, and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure while occasionally allowing customers to modify the hardware, software, and online server scalability.

In a cloud infrastructure arrangement, compute and storage resources are dispersed over hundreds of virtual machines (VMs), which load balance I/O demands.

The traditional dedicated server strategy, which calls for businesses to construct and run their own data centers, can be replaced at a lower cost by the cloud hosting model.

Featured Services

VPN Hosting

A hosted VPN, also known as a VPN as a Service or Cloud VPN, allows secure remote access to an organization's resources from anywhere.

Dedicated Hosting

If your website is seeing more traffic, it may be time to move to a dedicated server. This is a dedicated server that solely hosts your site and increases speed of page load times, and security.

Serverless Hosting

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Shared hosting

In a shared web hosting service, many websites are hosted on a single web server that is accessible over the Internet. If you're looking for the most cost-effective way to host a website, this is usually the best choice.


It is an IT hosting concept where a customer leases servers or cloud computing resources from a service provider who manages the client environment or particular components of it.

Cloud Hosting

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We Create Result Oriented Dynamic Applications

Dynamic websites are built by Digilogue to respond to user requests in real time by creating pages and data that are dynamically generated by the server. As a result of the responses, client-side code will do the desired operation.

Domain Registration

Web Server Building & Maintenance

maintaining server software to prevent network downtime or data loss.

99.9% Up-time Guarantee

website will be up and running for a percentage of time. If not, you may get a refund.

Back-up & Restoration

Grant restore access to site admins through webUI (rather than providing access to Backup & Replication console).

Fast Load Time, High Performance & Reliability

Our web hosting can manage far larger website loads than local vendors.

FREE Backup Server

Insurance for your applications against breakages and attacks.


365 days support available.

Software Security

Websites are developed for maximum security.

SSL Cert Ready

Your site will have the SSL certificate that encrypts the connection between your site and its users as standard.


We can adapt software, performance and costs to the changing needs of your enterprise.

Our Approach For New & Existing Sites

All-In-One Solution

At Digilogue we provide all the requires services such as Analysis, identifying suitable infrastructure and setting up.

Advanced Tools

We use advanced tools and technology to keep the user demand for the infrastructure and security.

Non-Stop Updates

Once the initial setup is done, we will continually monitor hardware, security, library and package updates and apply to keep the server up-to-date.

24/7 Dedicated Support

Our team will support as soon as an incident occur and make the application serves for its customers 24/7.