Progressive Web Development

What is Progressive Web Development?

It is a collection of best practices for web application development that aims to make a web app perform like a mobile or desktop app. App-like navigation and high-quality visual content are provided by progressive web app developers.

Benefits of Progressive Web Development

Using Progressive Web Development, you may give a web experience that your users really like. As a result, Progressive Web Apps may be deployed on any device with a single codebase by anybody, anywhere in the world, and on any platform.

  • Mobile App-like interface

  • Connectivity Dependence 

  • Push Notifications

  • Self-updates

  •  Full Responsiveness  and Browser

  • Capability

  • Secure Since it is Hosted on Https

Why Choose Digilogue For Progressive Web Development?

Digilogue Progressive Web Development Company in Ireland will assist you with upgrading and migrating your current PWA projects to the newest versions, as well as staying up to speed with all industry trends and features. We help you improve the speed of your PWA application by adding new features and functionality, as well as making general modifications and optimization.

Digilogue’s developers produce innovative online and mobile solutions using React and other JavaScript tools and frameworks. We design and build complicated systems utilizing Angular, React Native, Ionic, and other technologies. Benefit from progressive, dynamic, and mobile apps with reusable components.

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Our Development Process


The first step in delivering a project is defining its goal and assessing requirements. Project scope, specifications, web development implications, timescale, expenses and feasibility are all assessed at this stage, and this is where the client has the most involvement.


The design stage is focused on the end-user, and is critical for later stages. The end-user's profile, needs and expectations are noted. All elements of the end-product must be tailored to this information to ensure a website is relevant and usable. This is how we can define a successful project.


Our developers build a product from the design in stages to ensure safety and predictability when the project is complete. Testing environments are used to produce a robust website for all possible use cases.


Building appropriate test cases at the end of the project development cycle is crucial. We assure that all standards are met and that no issues are neglected. Clients are given access to the project on private staging environments for approval before live deployment.


This is when the project goes live, into the wild, for all of the end-users to see. At this point, any technical issues would have been resolved (as per the original design), due to the staging environment being near-identical to the production environment.


Efficient maintenance keeps your software reliable and versatile, allowing you to add new features and enhance old ones. We assist you improve your project's performance by providing additional capabilities to performance management.

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