E-learning Development

People may study anywhere and at any time with the use of technology, which is known as e- learning. Instructional design ideas and adult learning principles are taken into consideration while developing e-learning courses and programs.

Our Expertise

Video Editing

In the post-production phase, video editing is the process of splicing together clips of motion video, sound recordings, and special effects. Editors aim to alter these occurrences so that the message is closer to its original purpose or intent. It's a work of digital art.

Platform Development

In an online learning platform, trainers, students, and anyone engaged in education have access to information, tools, and resources that support and improve the delivery and administration of educational services.

Conduct Webinars

Digilogue provides materials to help you plan a successful webinar series. We go to considerable efforts to guarantee our clients have a productive and pleasurable webinar viewing experience. We provide our clients a comprehensive webinar solution, including marketing and logistical support.

Conduct podcasts

We at Digilogue want to help you create a successful podcast program or series. On our platform, we take great care to guarantee that our users have a productive and pleasurable experience. We help our clients start and promote their podcasts.


At Digilogue we have team of creative animators which helps our clients create movie out of many still pictures turning it into creative animation. In other words, To create the sense of movement, the photos are arranged sequentially and then played at a rapid pace.

Hosting & Security

At Digilogue we provide eLearning platform which is hosted on the secure server providing smooth running of courses. Our platform provide high level of security from the scammers and online intruders.

Audio Editing

It is possible to adjust the duration, pace and loudness of a recording or to produce new versions such loops via the use of audio editing. All audio editing is done at Digilogue using editing facilities and audio editing software.

Instructional Design

At Digilogue, we strive to provide learners with an effective and memorable learning experience. Online courses, instructional manuals, video tutorials, and learning simulations are some of the learning products available.

The Platforms & Technologies that we use

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