What is Server Support?

Having a Server Support system on hand guarantees that your computer network systems run smoothly and dependably. If your server fails, your whole network suffers, from your company’s day-to-day operations to your private and critical data and information.

When it comes to the administration and maintenance of a company’s IT infrastructure, server support has become an essential component. A server is a computer that handles requests and sends data to other computers on your private network or over the internet.

A server is often given more RAM for improved processing and a big storage capacity – both to handle the stress of dealing with many clients.

The Benefit Of External Managed Servers

When comparing the costs and benefits of third-party hosting vs in-house server management, businesses should keep in mind that the advantages are mostly in support, security, scalability, and dependability. Business owners may save money and dedicate more time to everyday operations by delegating IT chores to specialists. Some of the additional benefits of Managed Server services are listed below.


When consumers employ managed server services, they receive a team of responsive, trained, and experienced professionals that can monitor servers and data centers 24/7 for any difficulties that may develop. While some businesses may not need a dedicated IT staff, a managed server offers the greatest level of support. Support from a professional saves consumers money and time. Outsourcing hosting and IT may save a firm money in two ways. First, fewer new personnel will be required. Second, the organization will save time training new personnel.


It takes time and money to guarantee that network security, corporate policy, and personnel training match national requirements. The former SAS 70 standard for financial reporting has been superseded by SSAE 16 and/or SOC 2 and 3 for data center excellence. Managed hosting services often provide regular software upgrades to keep customers' servers safe from the latest malware and viruses. Offsite backup is a necessary solution that keeps important data and applications accessible and secure.


An outage that occurs when a company's service or product demand exceeds supply may be both inconvenient and expensive. A managed, dedicated server host often has enough room to accommodate future client growth. Clients may install a new server with complete assistance from an experienced, professional team. By making a request or login into a portal, managed services may update or monitor bandwidth, CPU, and disk space use. The stress of dealing with server failures, data loss, and illegal access is enough. A local company's managed server and IT services provide faultless server deployment, optimum uptime, and no worry or delay.


Managing servers in-house might be difficult for companies that are not solely focused on IT. Concerns about uptime may stifle growth and become a major distraction. Managed and dedicated server hosts may provide high-quality data infrastructure. Because these organizations are committed to data center operations, they should already have a reliable network and power supply. Managed hosting is a sensible investment for any size business.


Server Management

IT server administration is a method of overseeing and maintaining servers so that they run optimally. It includes hardware, software, security, and backup management.

Emergency Support

Quick server recovery and permanent problem resolution that avoids recurrence of the issue.

Network Troubleshoot

At Digilogue, our network engineers use a combination of metrics and methods to discover, diagnose, and address problems inside a computer network in order to fix network issues and enhance network operations.

PCI DSS Certification

Through a series of standards defined by the PCI SSC, PCI certification assures the security of card data at your company. These include a variety of well-known recommended practices, such as firewall installation. Data transfer encryption. Anti-virus software should be used.

Remote Installation

Remote Installation Service (RIS) is a function featured in Microsoft's Windows 2000 server that enables network administrators to install the Windows 2000 Professional operating system and its updates to an unlimited number of client machines from a centralized location.

System Backup and Restore

Backup and recovery refers to the act of producing and maintaining data copies that may be used to safeguard businesses against data loss. Recovery from a backup usually entails restoring the data to its original location or to another location where it may be utilised in lieu of the lost or damaged data.

Network And Server Failure

Server failure is a widespread problem that affects all kinds and sizes of businesses, and the cost of server downtime may range from days without system access to the loss of essential corporate data. Failures may occur due to issues with the server hardware, software, or the data center facilities. We handle this for you at Digilogue.

Security Breach

Any occurrence that leads in unauthorized access to computer data, applications, networks, or devices is considered a security breach. As a consequence, data is accessed without authority. At Digilogue, we take precautions to ensure that your information is not hacked.

Natural Disasters

A cloud backup solution is the greatest approach to protect your data from natural catastrophes and enable painless and quick data recovery choices. We employ Cloud backup solutions at Digilogue to store your data on off-site servers located in secure facilities and linked to the cloud.

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