LMSs eg Moodle

What is aN LMS?

A LMS / Learning Management System enables you to design online courses, administer tasks, and track your students’ progress. It also enables you to engage with students and encourages them to communicate with one another in forums and conversations.

Moodle is one of the popular systems that Digilogue supports. Over 14 million people are enrolled in approximately 1.4 million Moodle courses across this learning management system.

Digilogue can deploy Moodle on any hosting you require – from dedicated root server to AWS distributed and load-balanced architectures.

Benefits of E-Learning

LMSs such as Moodle are popular and widely used Learning Management Systems. Why? Because an LMS is a versatile platform that supports the learning and training requirements of individuals from all sorts of organisations and companies. Moodle for example has 68 million users and 55,000 Moodle sites installed globally. Below are some of the reasons why this open source solution is the greatest LMS in the globe. Here are a handful of Moodle’s advantages that make it the most popular LMS.

  1. Free and Open Source – Moodle is an open source platform, thus anybody may view its source code. It is released under the GPL ( General Public License). In simplest words, users and administrators may freely operate, distribute, and modify it to suit their requirements. Users may also share the modified version.

  2. Low-cost – If you ask me what makes Moodle popular, I’d reply it’s FREE. Yes, you read correctly — it’s free. A Moodle Learning Management System is free to own. You simply pay for development and upkeep. Isn’t this wonderful news for anyone considering an LMS?

  3. Online and Offline Access – Internet bandwidth may be a big concern for underdeveloped nations. Even in prosperous nations, isolated places might be an issue. With Moodle, your remote workers may download courses to their devices and access them later offline.

  4. Customization is simple – An LMS, for example, must be customized to your organization’s needs. Your business name, logo, and brand colors are required to distinguish it from a random website. Using Moodle for this is simple. Contact a qualified Moodle partner who will understand your needs and tailor it to you.

  5. Easy to Use – Moodle is very user-friendly. Its user-friendly layout and three-column navigation make it easy to use. The main column has all your training courses. The good news is that it’s built on HTML5 and is mobile-friendly.

Moodle Services

Moodle Development

We are a seasoned Moodle development business offering complete LMS solutions. Our team can create compelling e-learning programs that work on a variety of devices. We design end-to-end Moodle LMSs to help students, employees, and job seekers learn faster. Their skills and expertise may be enhanced via our Moodle development services.

Plugin Development

We specialize in Moodle application development and full-scale LMS development. Our development team thoroughly analyses your project requirements to design cross-platform e-learning solutions. We design interesting e-learning apps using tried-and-true e-learning modules

B2B Trade Portal

Our team can create bespoke Moodle plugins and extensions to improve your current e-learning platform. We provide error-free Moodle plugins that boost scalability and operational efficiency.

Moodle Security

Digilogue delivers Moodle Security to ensure that only authorized users may access your Moodle site's information.

Moodle Hosting

Moodle is an online course management system. Digilogue offers specialized hosting for it, although not all hosts do. The LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is required to run Moodle.

Moodle Support & Maintenance

Our Moodle development services include 24/7 technical assistance to guarantee your LMS application runs smoothly. To guarantee your Moodle-based e-learning application runs smoothly on all supported devices, we undertake periodic system checks.

Why Digilogue For Moodle Development

Moodle is a learning platform that is used to supplement and migrate current learning systems online. At Digilogue, we help and support our customers in comprehending this E-learning platform. Moodle now includes features that are considered standard for learning management systems, such as a calendar and a gradebook.

At Digilogue, we assist in the creation of bespoke moodle development as well as ongoing technical assistance for all types of queries. Do you want to know more about Moodle Development Services? Get in contact with us right now!

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