Local Enterprise Office Voucher Scheme


With its subsidies aimed to aid small companies, LEO Voucher – short form of Local Enterprise Office Voucher – is assisting companies/organisations all around Ireland to expand online.

 They may assist you by sponsoring your project with up to €2500, or up to 50% of your website creation expenses. These grants enable businesses and individual proprietors to establish an internet presence at extremely minimal cost.

If you already have a LEO Voucher, you may apply for a second one anytime changes are necessary. The LEO Voucher Scheme has provided funding to almost 3500 enterprises. Digilogue can assist you with the online application so that you may be certain that your application will be accepted. Because the LEO Voucher Numbers are limited, it is critical to contact us as soon as possible so that we may begin the process before the maximum is reached.


You are only eligible for this LEO Voucher if you match the following criteria:

  1. You must have less than 10 employees.

  2. The company must have been in operation for at least 10 months.

  3. Have a revenue of less than $2 million.

  4. Be in a LEO Zone.