Web Services

Hosting & Server Management

We provide a hosting space on our highly secured, Linux servers. Apart from standard packages, we offer hosting tailored to any special needs, including secure remote incremental backups, security reviews, etc. Many of our servers are in use by Irish Government departments, including the Department of Education and the Department of Finance. Please contact us for details.

AWS Custom Configured Hosting

For critical websites and services - we build a scale-able architecture customised to your needs.

Availability, Flexibility, Redundancy and most importantly - Security are highlights of what we can build using AWS Hosting Services.

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Server maintenance and security updates

Qualified system administrators are extremely expensive. If you already own or rent a linux server, we offer ongoing server maintenance and monitoring service along with security patching and updates.

Note that we specialise in Linux servers, we do not service Windows or Apple servers.

Server upgrades

If you require new features on your server, we offer upgrades to include required functionality in a safe and secure way. 

Our team of system administrators can also offer full-stack architectural advice, from servers to services and software for your projects. Please contact us for more details.

Website Services
Websites updates, upgrades & migrations

We provide both once-off or ongoing website maintenance services that includes both security and general website updates. No longer do you have to worry about keeping your Joomla and WordPress websites, extensions and plugins up to date - we will do the job for you.

We also offer upgrades when new features are required as well as migrating websites to different systems or major releases of platforms.

Joomla and Wordpress CMS Hosting

 Most hosters in Ireland provide a generic offering, i.e. giving you the flexibility to use your hosting for a large number of different services. The downside of this is that to make these services flexible there need to be limitations placed on them. 

Digilogue have worked with the World's two largest CMS systems since they were released and we now have servers specifically suited to these applications. Each website on our CMS servers are protected against cross-site attacks - a commonly used attack vector for Wordpress and Joomla. We also offer website care packages to keep your CMS systems up to date - you worry about the content, while we worry about keeping your website safe. 

Website security and hack removal

Unfortunately, given the widespread adoption of the Internet it was inevitable that criminals would be present online. CMS's are their primary target, hence the proliferation of hacks on Wordpress and Joomla websites in particular. These hacks are not only dangerous to you and your business, but also for your clients/readers. 

Digilogue's own servers are protected against the majority of attacks and we offer a CMS update service to keep your platform secure. However, because of our experience and focus on security and risk we can provide a service to clean infections from most websites. 

Please contact us for details as time/costs can vary from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the complexity of the attack.

Email Services
E-mail Campaigns

Need to reach large numbers of members / people? We can help you manage and execute your campaign.

Where general platforms like SurveyMonkey aren't enough, we can design gorgeous HTML emails, help target your audiences, guarantee extremely high delivery rates and collect analytics.

As one of the longest running email disseminators in the education field we have buckets of experience to manage your campaigns. We typically send close to 1 million emails each week and have high impression rates due to our whitelisted email server, which has been added to Eircom's tarpit.

Event Registration Systems

Managing events is unforgiving! We can help get your invitations, customised registration forms, capture to Excel-friendly databases and ensure that you don't have to worry about the logistics.

At Digilogue, we offer event registration solutions tailored to your needs. Why not give us a call and find out how we can help.

Online Surveys

Polls, surveys and quizzes. Not sure which service to use, how to design or collate responses or just how to get started? Digilogue can smooth the process.